I’m going through the files Ray gave me to see what I can glean for the new version of The Great Good Place, or for this website or new articles. Here’s a list he made while the original book was in progress, and then the 2 subtitles that have been used on different printings. They weren’t really different editions, to my mind, because the main text didn’t change. But Ray added a new foreword when the book went to another publisher and was reprinted, and that material is being incorporated now. If it doesn’t fit into the new edition. I’ll make sure to include it here when we get closer to publication.


  • Core Settings of Community Life
  • Friendship’s Temples & Their Functions in a Free Society
  • Havens in the Public Domain
  • Where People Are More Important Than Progress
  • Where People Rise Above Purpose
  • Where the Walks of Life Converge
  • Haven of Happy Times and Healthful Relationships
  • The Ultimate Experience of Community
  • The Importance of Informal Public Gathering Places
  • Why Home, Work and the Mall Are Not Enough
  • Welcome Centers of a Vital Society
  • Linking the Individual to Community
  • The Third Requirement of the Good Life
  • Sanctuaries of Social Support
  • The Vital Third Realm of Experience
  • The Art of Hanging Out and Its Several Benefits
  • Where Customers are also Characters
  • Time Out! Friendship In!
  • A Refuge for Social Animals
  • Urban Planning’s Greatest Oversight

1st (Paragon) Cafes, Coffee Shops, Community Centers, Beauty Parlors, General Stores, Bars, Hangouts, and How They Get You through the Day
2nd (Marlowe) SAME
3rd (Marlowe) Cafes, Coffee Shops, Bookstores, Bars, Hair Salons, and Other Hangouts at the Heart of a Community