Karen Christensen is consolidating chapters and adding new material, but not changing the tone or nature of the book so many people love. Here is the working outline:

Part I: What is the Third Place?
1. Feeling Lonely in a Connected World
2. The Character of Third Places
3. The Pursuit of Happiness
4. The Greater Good

Part II: Third Places Around the World
5. Coffee Houses and Tea Parlors
6. Taverns and Beer Gardens
7. The French Bistro
8. The Public House
9. Street Life and Outdoor Public Spaces
10. Doing It Together: Dance, Gyms & Dojos, Pick-up Games
11. Social Infrastructure: Post Offices, Libraries, and Bookshops

Part III: Third Places Today and Tomorrow
12. Meeting Face to Face
13. Reshaping Towns and Cities
14. Diversity in the Third Place
15. Third Places for the Young at Heart
16. Nurturing the Next Generation
17. Towards Better Times and Places